Following the lead of Facebook, with it’s monthly ‘Hot Topics’ reports, Snapchat has kicked off a new series along the same lines, highlighting the key subjects of discussion among Snapchat users.

Called ‘Snap Chatter‘, the report highlights the top topics of interest by region, overall trending discussion points, entertainment mentions, celebrities and – helpful for those who want to appear ‘down with the kids’ – trending slang terms.

The report is obviously interesting within itself, but it also highlights the depth of insight Snapchat is able to glean from it’s 191 million daily active users. Many brands wouldn’t be aware that Snap is able to track such activity, and as such, the report works to highlight not only what’s of most interest to Snapchatters, but also how brands can target them.

You can check out the infographic below, or read Snapchat’s full report here.

Snapchat Highlights the Key Topics of Discussion on the Platform in May [Infographic] | Social Media Today

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